There is no single answer to this question. There are an infinite number of answers. You have to make your own decision about what’s best for you.

Last year myself and a few others ran an interesting program aimed to help people figure out their own best way to maximize their civic impact or service, called Pathways for AmericaPathways was a nonpartisan, experimental program designed to help people be more capable and confident to make decisions about how they want to and can serve our communities and country through public service. Many program concepts have been shared publicly and integrated into other processes. The program’s core values and methodology fit in well with a semester timeline, and can be made to work in a variety of leadership development environments.

To help frame the thought process, I’ve also created a freely available outline (you just have to request access) with some basic steps in thinking through whether you should and how best to run for office. This isn’t complete at all, but it’s a decent starting point to help think about the project plan of what a campaign is. Feel free to do basically whatever you want with the doc, including copying it and modifying, editing and creating your own version. Just please don’t distribute without giving credit.

There are many programs out there that help take people who want to run to getting a campaign off the ground, but I urge people to form their own goals and values before participating in such a program so that you can be clear on what you need to do to operate in a way that provides success, in however you define that, not how someone else does.

And of course, if you want to chat or need help finding options for you or thinking through things, please find the contact page below and then proceed to do what people use contact pages for.

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